Thursday, 27 July, 2017

Government hands £10,000 cheque to local Samaritans charity

THE government has donated £10,000 to the new local Samaritans group. Marielou Guerrero, the chairperson, accepted the cheque which will be used to cover some...

Government enforces new jet ski and speedboat rules

THE government has made two amendments to the seaside pleasure boat rules.  One is to change the definition of a speedboat to ensure that no one...

An exciting archaeological breakthrough is helping researchers understand our ancient relatives

By Danielle Fortuna WHEN Miriam Napper, a student at Liverpool John Moores University, and Lucia Castagna, from Bologna University, opened up a bag of drying...

Gibraltar Youth Centre members put on Rags to Riches show for...

YOUNG creatives have exhibited their fashion creations in front of the Minister for youth and Miss Gibraltar.  The showcase at the Youth Centre patio was the...

Gibraltar Social Democrats reshuffle in light of recent events

OPPOSITION leader Roy Clinton has announced a ministerial reshuffle.  In addition to his existing responsibilities, Roy Clinton will now take on the economy, public sector efficiency, telecommunications,...

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