CHIEF Minister Fabian Picardo has stressed ‘British means British’ for Gibraltar in a post-Brexit Europe.

Speaking at the National Day political rally, Picardo compared the ‘challenges’ Gibraltar faces after the June 23 referendum with the World War Two evacuation and the border closure.

MESSAGE: Picardo tells Spain 'No Means No'
MESSAGE: Picardo tells Spain ‘No Means No’

But with Spain’s acting Foreign Secretary Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo continually linking Brexit with demands for joint sovereignty, Picardo gave a clear message.

“It is true that we together are facing a big test. We are facing challenges that can hurt our economy,” said Picardo.

“We didn’t choose Brexit but we will deal with Brexit. If anyone thinks, there or anywhere else, that we are going to sell our homeland for access to Europe, they don’t know you they don’t me and they don’t know the Gibraltarians.

“If Brexit means Brexit, British means British. No means no. Never means never.”

The rally was attended by MPs from the British Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats and SNP.