thatcherMARGARET Thatcher called a report into the controversial Death on the Rock documentary a ‘disgraceful whitewash’.

Newly released confidential files reveal the former British Prime Minister was incensed by Lord Windlesham’s report on the ITV programme which found the film’s producers had acted in good faith.

The film looked into the shooting and killing of three IRA members by the SAS on the streets of Gibraltar in 1988.

It became part of a desperate campaign to have it shelved by the government.

In particular, it ruffled feathers in Downing Street for challenging the official version of events by suggesting the combatants were unarmed and surrendered, making the shootings unlawful.

Documents just released to the National Archives in Kew reveal that Windlesham’s findings led to a furious response from the Cabinet on January 26 1989, when he was accused of ‘bias’ and presiding over a ‘whitewash’.

The IRA, or Irish Republican Army, was an Irish republican terrorist organisation that sought to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and to bring about an independent republic encompassing all of Ireland.