David Crausby
David Crausby
David Crausby

DAVID CRAUSBY has said LGBT activists who have criticised his voting record should be ‘more tolerant’ of his views.

The Labour MP and vice chair of the Gibraltar All Party Group in the UK strongly rebutted LGBT activists and Stonewall co-founder Lord Michael Cahsman after they expressed concern over his appointment given his anti-LGBT voting record.

Crausby, who received a knighthood in the New Year’s Honours List, voted against gay marriage, same-sex adoption and for same-sex couples to have children using IVF.

In a statement Crausby said: “I’m very tolerant towards the LGTB community and I think Lord Cashman should be more tolerant of other people’s views.
“My views are that same sex marriage is not the same as opposite sex marriage, but that is not to say that it is unequal in any way, just that its different in my opinion, I took that view at the time and I’m not ashamed of that.
“I think we should celebrate our diversity and not just try to be all the same.
“I don’t think same sex marriage delivered anything different to civil partnerships, which I voted for.
“I also voted to equalize the legal age of sexual consent for homosexual couples because I think that is right.”
On adoption, he added: “I took the view that children should always come first and legislation should absolutely be in the interests of the child and not the adoptive parents.
“You can call me old fashioned but I have always believed that for children, it is a good thing to have parents of different genders.”