A ‘CRIMINAL OFFENCE’ caused tonight’s huge traffic delays stretching back from Gibraltar Airport, a senior source has told The Olive Press.

The source also confirmed the incident ‘was not a bomb threat’.

During the incident, which caused huge logjams around the Rock and at the border from just after 4pm, it is believed the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) were trying to execute an arrest.

2017-02-08-PHOTO-00000091An RGP vehicle could be seen blocking an RAF Hercules plane on the runway, eyewitnesses have said.

Hundreds of motorists and pedestrians were left waiting until the RAF plane, whose take off had been delayed, finally took off around 6pm and the barriers reopened.

It is not known yet if any arrest has been made, what the alleged offence is or where it took place.

The source said: “What the offence is will come out. But the Ministry of Defence had better come out and say something.

“This will be too big for the MOD. It has caused huge delays of aircraft being able to fly.”

The source added: “If the RGP stops an MOD aircraft from taking off it is something very big.”

Earlier, an RGP spokesperson told The Olive Press that the incident wasn’t due to a bomb scare, adding: ‘We are not making any comment at the moment, but may be in a situation to do so in the near future.’

A MOD spokesperson in London told The Olive Press: “We can confirm that an incident occurred at the airfield that necessitated an unscheduled closure of Winston Churchill Avenue in Gibraltar.

“As this incident has occurred as a result of an on-going police investigation we are unable to comment further at this time.

“Despite the unscheduled closure, incoming commercial flights were unaffected but a small number of departures suffered minor delays.”