MARLENE Hassan Nahon has tabled a parliamentary motion to debate allowing GHA doctors to prescribe medical cannabis.

The independent MP filed the motion on Friday with MPs now set to debate changing current cannabis laws.

MOTION: Hassan Nahon wants cannabis debate
MOTION: Hassan Nahon wants cannabis debate

It comes after it emerged the GHA had prescribed licensed cannabis medicines to patients, although Director of Public Health Dr Vijay Kumar admitted doctors were reluctant to do so.

Hassan Nahon’s motion says: “Medical professionals within the GHA should be free to prescribe medical cannabis for needy patients immediately and without delay.

“[They] should also be given expert training as to how and when cannabis-based medicines could be prescribed.”

The cannabis-based medicine Sativex has been allocated in the UK Home Office.

Doctors, at their own risk, can privately prescribe, pharmacists can possess and dispense and patients with a prescription can possess the medicine.

Last month, Health Minister Neil Costa said the public should be consulted on decriminalisation of cannabis.



  1. Costa has once again missed the point. Legalising savitex and similar medications which derive from cannabis was the way to go. Instead he has tried to appear cool and trendy by starting a debate on legalising it for recreational purposes. First the Marrache parole cock up and now this. Mr. Costa needs to start thinking before acting on the say so of lobbyists.