A VEGETARIAN has put a meat-free spin on classic Gibraltarian dishes.

Vegan minestra, rosto and puchero are just some of the tempting recipes that talented amateur chef Ivan Hernandez has shared on his new website Veggie Gib.

TASTY: New veg twists on Gibraltar classics
TASTY: New veg twists on Gibraltar classics

Web designer Hernandez, 40, created it to show the ‘exciting world of options’ out there for people who want to eat healthily and without harming animals.

“I only set up the website last November after my partner encouraged me to start sharing my recipes”, said Ivan.

“I became vegetarian after after I bought some pet rabbits and was accidentally fed the same meat one day.

“It made me feel bad and I came to realise that I felt it was wrong to eat other animals too.

“But I’ve always loved food and cooking and I didn’t want to stop eating the foods that I was used to.

“So I learnt how to substitute certain ingredients to make them meat-free.

“The website is a way of showing people that being vegetarian or vegan isn’t boring or limiting.

“There are many options out there, you just need to be clever.”

Ivan also shares recipes with Spanish and international roots both on the website and on his linked Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I love stews, especially tagarninas and ones with lentils”, he said.

“The response has been very good, especially for the Gibraltarian recipes.

“The attitude to vegetarian food is changing in Gibraltar.

“I think it’s a result of the changing attitude in the UK and the increased amount of attention meat free diets are getting in the media.”

Ivan has more plans for the future.

“I want to keep going with the website and also want to release an e-book too.”