ONE of the UK’s most respected QCs has been hired again by Minister for Justice Neil Costa in the latest stage of the Isaac Marrache court saga.

Lord Pannick recently won a high-profile UK Supreme Court case against the British government over the need to seek parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50.

LEGAL EAGLE: Pannic won Brexit Article 50 case
LEGAL EAGLE: Pannick won Brexit Article 50 case

Pannick is one of the most expensive QCs in the UK.

Costa is attempting to appeal Judge Adrian Jack’s ruling that he should not have withdrawn a challenge to the Appeal Court’s decision to release Marrache on parole.

But in his fourth judgment on the Marrache case, Judge Jack queried whether Costa’s appeal ‘serves any useful purpose’.

He also ruled that an independent ‘amicus’ should be appointed to present arguments for the dismissal of the appeal.

“It is apparently the intention of the minister to instruct Lord Pannick QC to appear on his behalf on the appeal,” said Judge Jack.

“If that is the case, then the amicus should be English Queen’s Counsel specialising in public law and human rights law.

“The additional expense of an amicus is of course regrettable, but, if the Government consider the matter sufficiently important to instruct an eminent leader from the Temple, then,  a similar specialist leader should in my judgment appear as amicus.”

Jack stated that the appeal court hearing was set for March 27.