THE cannabis-based medicine Sativex has been approved for use in Gibraltar healthcare.

MS patients  can now access Sativex to alleviate symptoms after the Drugs (Misuse) Regulations 2005 were amended.

LEGAL: Sativex now allowed in Gibraltar after law change
LEGAL: Sativex now allowed in Gibraltar after law change

It comes after the government’s advisory council met with medical professionals to discuss the changes.

“One of the first matters on the agenda was to look at the potential use of medicinal cannabis,” said Samantha Sacramento, minister for responsibility for drug and alcohol awareness.

The move comes after doctors in Gibraltar expressed doubt as to whether they were permitted to prescribe the drug.

Minister for health Neil Costa said: “I am assured that the change in legislation made today makes it crystal clear that Sativex may be prescribed by the appropriate specialist medical clinicians in Gibraltar for its licensed uses without undue difficulties.”

But campaign group Equality Rights Group (ERG) urged the government to go further in its legislation.

“We will continue to argue in favour of a proper process of scientific consultation and objective evidence as to the benefits of taking control away from the criminal suppliers of illicit substances and in favour of statutory regulation,” an ERG spokesperson said.