parking problems (2)
Manoj Gulraj

A GROUP of shop owners claim new parking restrictions are hitting sales by 20%.

Ramsons manager Manoj Gulraj claims that a clampdown on double parking outside has led to a loss of a fifth of his customers.

He insists that the family business on Watergardens on Waterport Road- which has operated in Gibraltar for over 40 years – has been badly hit since £100 fines were enforced in November.

“Everyone shops here,” he told the Olive Press. “Last Christmas we had queues from the till through this store.

“But this Christmas and New Year, the wardens didn’t set foot away from our door. It’s disrupting our business.

parking problems“We have a lot of workers that have been with us a long time, and we try to stay loyal to them. But for any businessman a decrease in sales isn’t good.”

He added: “We’re hoping this is not a permanent thing. There has to be an alternative way of approaching the parking situation in Gibraltar.

“This shop is a local institution, and I’d like to take the business on to the next level.”

Any car or motorbike seen parking on the red line gets an automatic £100 fine, says Manoj.

Next door at satellite TV shop A.A Sheriff & Sons, Ernesto Gutierrez, 27, said the parking restrictions had also hit them ‘a lot’.

“There are a lot of customers who just want to buy something quickly, and it’s had a big impact,” he said. “It’s hit our business by about 30%.”

A goverment spokesperson said: “For years, traffic flow on Waterport Road has been impeded by vehicles double-parking on the dual carriageway.

“The double red-lines ensure that both lanes of Waterport Road are open to free-flowing traffic and will go a long way to reducing congestion in the area.”