A MAJOR new think-tank exploring the cultural and social roots of Gibraltar has been launched.

Understanding Gibraltar’s opening night at The Sunborn saw speeches from Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia and founder Joshua Lhote.

UNITED: Gibraltar's religious leaders together at Understanding Gibraltar event
UNITED: Gibraltar’s religious leaders together at Understanding Gibraltar event

Other speakers included Levi Attias, who gave a speech about cultural harmony, Ian Watts and Jeremy Gomez.

Garcia said: “The people of Gibralar are still able to reconcile their multiple identities under a simple banner.

“Today’s Gibraltarian is a descendant of people who suffered through the centuries. But our identity is dynamic.

“Gibraltar’s vibrant cosmpolitanism has made it an attractive location to settle in, to do business in and to raise a family.”

“The unique strength of the Gibraltarian identity is both its diversity and inclusivity.”

Understanding Gibraltar aims to explore the many strands of this identity, with Gibraltar having thriving Jewish, Catholic and Muslim communities.

A spokesperson for Understanding Gibraltar said: “Part of the curiosity of the Gibraltarian experience, relates to the outset of British Gibraltar which is based upon a treaty (Utrecht) which sought to deny residence to members of the Jewish and the Muslim community.
“Thus we endeavour to understand, articulate and export the ideas and influences that have created this almost paradoxical and vanguard culture.”