THE Lions Club Gibraltar has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gala dinner.

Representatives of the charity from Northern Ireland and Cornwall travelled to the event, part of a week-long series of commemorative occasions.

The global charity provides donations and vital supplies for needy families and individuals.

One group, including Maureen Hunter and Herbie and Pamela Park, travelled from Ballymena to mark the occasion.

Maureen, a former president of her local Lions Club, explained some of the charitable works done by her group, which twinned with the Lions Club Gibraltar in 2013.

“There are a lot of links between Ballymena and Gibraltar. The town twinned with Gibraltar. There are still people living in the area who are married from people to Gibraltar.

“We help people that cannot afford family holidays. We give them money to go away for three or four days.

“We give out oil vouchers in the winter time. We do hampers or coal – whatever we can do.”

She added: “It’s lovely to be back in Gibraltar.”

Peter Rowe, the first vice district governor of the south west region, travelled from Cornwall with five other members of his Launceston branch.

He was previously based in Gibraltar with the Royal Navy.

“I have so many friends here,” he said.

“We are always fundraising to help people less fortunate than ourselves. Anybody who wants help.

“People who are out of work, or don’t have enough food or clothing.”

Gibraltarian Charlie Gibson has been involved with the local Lions Club for ten years and urged local people to get involved with their work.

“We need some publicity,” he said.

“I think in Gibraltar we have so many organisations people don’t want to join us. They want to go to the beach.”

He added: “We send money to Morocco. Recently we collected 15,000 pairs of glasses for the United Kingdom.”