IT would be stretching it by calling it the thrill of a lifetime.

But, appearing in the Olive Press last month was one of the highlights of her SECOND century.

SECOND CENTURY: Bessie with last month's paper
SECOND CENTURY: Bessie with last month’s paper

Bessie Milne, thought to be the world’s oldest living Gibraltarian, was ‘thrilled’ after appearing on the back page of our Feb 15 issue.

The 101-year-old made sure to get a copy of the edition at her care home in Scotland, where she has lived since the end of World War II.

“I love keeping up with the news in Gibraltar,” she said. “And it is fantastic to make the news.”

Following her wartime evacuation to Jamaica, she returned to the Rock briefly before moving to the UK.

Her father was one of the models used for the statues at the Gibraltar War Memorial.

The statue, unveiled in 1922, commemorates those who died in World War One, with Bessie’s father used by Spanish sculptor Jose Piquet Catoli.