SlasherA GIBRALTARIAN has hit back after his tyre was slashed on a shopping trip to Spain.

Tito Garro, 42, is ‘angry’ after he and and another Gibraltarian motorist had their tyres slashed while visiting Palmones last week.

Garro, a plumber told the Olive Press he had helped the other stranded driver, who was with an elderly relative.

Ignoring his car he helped them change their tyre, after a shopping trip to Leroy Merlin.
“I was so angry,” said Garro, whose Honda was also attacked. “I was only inside for 20 minutes and it happened in broad daylight.

“You hear about people from Gibraltar going to Spain and having their cars damaged all the time. It’s been happening for years.”

He added: “You can’t say everyone is bad, but there are some people who seem to hate us.”

Garro also said his sister-in-law had her car, which had Gibraltarian number plates, deliberately scratched in Spain recently.

To add insult to injury, Garro is now almost £400 out of pocket after having to replace both front tyres following the incident.

Garro says he didn’t report the incident to the police, but will now think twice about visiting the shop in the future.



He added: “I do not want other people to suffer the same problem. I want people to be aware.”