IT’S shocking to hear of Gibraltarians being targeted on trips into Spain.

You can think what you like about the Rock and its sovereignty, but to punish its citizens just because you have a chip on your shoulder is barbaric.

VICTIM: Garro targeted for Gib licence plates
VICTIM: Garro targeted for Gib licence plates

Innocent Garro has had to replace both tyres and found himself £400 out of pocket.

If you have a political grievance you want to rectify, get into politics.

Don’t take your anger out on innocent people just trying to live their lives.


    • Maybe you don’t know it but this is the 21st Century. Gibraltarians are quite well liked the world over and have no issues anywhere……..except in the few areas that have still to find out that Franco is dead. Democratic and civilised people do not behave that way towards visitors.