A BRITON claims to have fallen asleep on his boat in Marbella and ended up floating through the Straits of Gibraltar to Cadiz, more than 100 miles away.

The unnamed 65-year-old appeared disorientated when he emerged from his boat and realised he was no longer in Marbella but on a beach in the heart of Cadiz city.

SHIP AHOY: Brit pensioners sails Gibraltar Straits while dozing
SHIP AHOY: Brit pensioners sails Gibraltar Straits while dozing

He had to be helped from his boat at La Caleta beach by the Maritime Rescue service and local firemen but did not need medical attention.

A sweeper alerted authorities to the vessel at around 5.50am on Wednesday morning.

The man said he had fallen asleep on the Miss Brenda, in Puerto Banus the night before.

He believes his anchor broke, allowing his boat to drift away.

Amazingly, the Brit crossed through the Straits of Gibraltar without crashing or incident.

Upon leaving his boat he requested a hotel room, and was transferred to a central hotel in the capital of Cadiz.

A spokesman for the local coastguards confirmed: “We were called by the Civil Guard around 5.40am yesterday.

“They were alerted by council workers cleaning La Caleta beach who spotted the yacht heading for rocks as it sounded its siren.

“The vessel had run aground near the shore by the time we mobilised a rescue team so firefighters helped the occupant to safety in the end.”