GFSB’s new business licence plan is a great move for Gibraltar

Streamlined process will help out in the future


THE Olive Press knows more than anyone where Gemma Vasquez is coming from.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: GFSB new licence plan a great idea
OPEN FOR BUSINESS: GFSB new licence plan a great idea

Having been shoved in front of a panel of nearly ten people over our own trading licence, we appreciate the sentiments of the outgoing GFSB head.

The process to get the business and newspaper fully-regulated has taken over a year from start to finish, involved countless paperwork and, of course, hundreds of pounds.

This has also meant numerous man hours and time lost, which could have been spent on growing the business and investigating stories for you, our readers.

While the team at the Office of Fair Trading have been nothing but polite and correct in the way they have incorporated our licence, we hope that this whole process can be streamlined in future.

Gibraltar’s business community deserves better.

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