'CAST-IRON': UK's commitment to Gibraltar won't be affected by election

CHIEF Minister Fabian Picardo believes the UK’s snap general election will not affect Westminster’s ‘cast-iron commitment’ to Gibraltar.

Picardo was speaking hours after Theresa May’s shock announcement that an election will be held on June 8, with Brexit continuing to convulse British politics.

'CAST-IRON': UK's commitment to Gibraltar won't be affected by election
‘CAST-IRON’: UK’s commitment to Gibraltar won’t be affected by election

But with Gibraltar enjoying ‘support across the benches’ in Westminster, Picardo was confident Gibraltar’s relationship with the UK would remain the same regardless of the election result.

“A general election has been called in another country and I will be watching developments as a political buff,” Picardo said.

“Of course, this general election has consequences for Gibraltar and I think it is important for us to observe very carefully where the argument goes.

“Not just in terms of seats in Parliament, but where the argument goes in respect of the process of Brexit.”

He added: “We enjoy support across the benches in the United Kingdom parliament and therefore the result will not in any way affect the cast-iron commitment to the people of Gibraltar.”

Picardo met with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier this month, with Corbyn offering his full support to Gibraltar.

Downing Street has consistently backed Gibraltar and assured No.6 it won’t enter into EU agreements that Spain tries to exclude Gibraltar from.

Last month, Spain was handed an effective veto by the European Council after it included the now-infamous Clause 22 in its draft Brexit negotiation guidelines.