TWO Spanish cigarette smugglers have been fined £8,000 after being caught exporting over 100,000 cigarettes.

David Lopez Lopez and Jose Maria Lopez Aguilera from La Linea were caught by customs officers while travelling towards Spain in a £500 dinghy on February 2.

FINE: Spanish cigarette smugglers pay £8,000 penalty
FINE: Spanish cigarette smugglers pay £8,000 penalty

Lopez Lopez was also found to be carrying a radio communication device without a licence.

In addition, Aguilera Lopez was accused of obstructing Customs Officer Kenneth Alvarez.

Both men pleaded guilty to the charges at the Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In total, the men were caught with 20,000 Chesterfield and 99,000 Ducal Red cigarettes, with a value of around £12,000.

Gibraltar Customs Officers saw a small vessel near the rocks at around 02.40 am and identified themselves to the defendants, the court heard.

The defendants headed towards Spain and after a short chase an officer jumped onboard their dinghy before arresting them.

The men indicated they would pay the fine immediately.