Cyclists won’t have to queue next to motorbikes at Gibraltar border loop, says RGP

Police aiming to reduce pollution exposure for cyclists


CYCLISTS will no longer have to queue up at the border crossing loop next to motorcycles, the RGP has said.

From Tuesday, cyclists riding into Spain will not be exposed to exhaust fumes or risk being knocked over by motorcycles while queuing at the border.

ALL CHANGE: Cyclists won't have to queue beside motorbikes at frontier loop
ALL CHANGE: Cyclists won’t have to queue beside motorbikes at frontier loop

A similar measure was tried a couple of years ago, but with border queues lengthening in recent weeks, concerns have again risen for riders’ safety.

A spokesperson said: “The RGP is cognisant of the difficulties encountered by road users, and occasionally by pedestrians, wishing to cross the border at times of increased frontier queues.

“It therefore continually reassesses how these are managed with a view of reducing the impact on those caught up in the queues in an equitable manner