THE GSD has attacked the government’s ‘monumental U-turn’ over its Victoria Stadium rebuilding plans.

An opposition spokesperson claimed ‘valuable time had been lost’ by not ‘accepting Victoria Stadium was the obvious site’ for the new national stadium.

The Europa Point and Lathbury Barracks sites, which had been earmarked as possible sites for the new stadium, were ‘wholly inappropriate or not feasible’.

“Hundreds of football supporters have had to travel to Faro for national games when the project could have been completed earlier,” a spokesperson said.

“While we welcome the announcement, this is a monumental U-turn by the Government and the issue has not been handled well.”

The GSD also wanted to make sure schools don’t lose access to sporting facilities during the rebuilding work.

“The building of a National Stadium will not deal with the most pressing problem affecting grass roots football today and that is the lack of training pitches,” the spokesperson continued.

“We are glad to see that it is the intention of the Government to deal with this issue at the Lathbury Barracks site.”