ARRESTS: Police detain 30 suspects

100 la lineaSOME 100 people faced off with police during a drug interception in La Linea.

The Guardia Civil have filed a complaint after officers were attacked by the mob while trying to prevent a smuggling operation from a speedboat in the Tonelero area.

The police presence prevented the boat from unloading its cargo, but the crowd threatened and threw stones, causing minor injuries and damaging vehicles.

“These repeated incidents are generating a sense of insecurity in the face of criminal organisations capable of mobilising hundreds of people to confront law enforcement agencies in daylight and with apparent impunity,” said a spokesperson for the Asociacion Unificada de la Guardia Civil.

It called for ‘immediate measures’ to tackle the growing problem of drug smuggling in the area.

The PSOE in Cadiz said it would discuss the issue in parliament, and stated that law enforcement unions have called for an additional 200 officers in the province to assist existing police.