Floods - familyA MOTHER has slammed the Ministry of Housing for failing to take steps to protect her children’s fragile health.

Janine Suetta (pictured right), 27, has been told by doctors that her two young children ‘face hospitalisation’, after a flood swept through her council home seven months ago.

The flooding – caused by works in an upstairs flat, she claims – left her Laguna Estate property with serious damp and ‘practically impossible to live in’, she told the Olive Press this week.

She is now demanding action from the authorities to ensure her children, Tiana, 5, and Jay-z, 3, are not left at risk.

Her two children struggle to breath at night and are coughing all the time. She fears their condition is getting worse.

“The doctors are very concerned for their health and I have now received two letters saying they could end up in hospital,” she explained.

floods4The family have been repeatedly prescribed antibiotics to clear several infections including tonsillitis and bronchitis.

“They say our chronic ill health is down to the flooding, which has left mould on the walls and ceilings.

“I don’t know if they are waiting for my children to be hospitalised before they do anything about it, but I am at my wits end.

“It’s not fair for a three and a five-year-old to live like this. It is ridiculous how we are living right now.”

Despite this, the Ministry for Housing has merely told her to take the building company contracted for works upstairs to the small claims court.

“But it is a step I don’t have the money to take,” she insisted.

The incident occurred in October last year when Janine came home to find a huge flood caused by an upstairs pipe burst.

The extent of the damage was so great the fire brigade was called in, and a housing department cleaner was sent to clear up the mess.

There are still holes in the ceiling and light fixtures hanging out from damp walls, while she has moved her children’s beds into her room due to a cracked wall that she fears will fall on them.

This week, a Ministry for Housing spokesman refused to comment, insisting they were ‘unable to give out any information on the case’.