Policia nacionalPOLICIA Nacional has increased its presence in La Linea in the wake of recent attacks on officers.

Measures include deploying additional rapid response officers.

It comes amid concerns that organised crime gangs have recently resorted to violence and intimidation tactics when challenged by the authorities.

Incidents include officers being pummelled with rocks while intercepting drug and tobacco smuggling operations.

The Sindicato Unificado de Policía thinks it’s only a matter of time before officers leave La Linea through fear of the risks that the working in the area presents.

“La Linea will soon enough be abandoned once again by irresponsible politicians who do not want to accept that this is an area of increased danger for our officers and that this must be reflected in the pay of all civil servants who work here, in order to prevent the departure of police officers, doctors and teachers to less conflictive areas,” it said in a statement.

The union called for a permanent increase in the number of specialist police officers and an anti-money laundering unit.