toothA 50,000-YEAR-OLD Neanderthal tooth has been found in Vanguard Cave.

The discovery, this month by Miriam Napper of Liverpool John Moores University and Lucia Castagna, from Bolognia University, points towards a third neanderthal find on the Rock.

After the tooth was extracted from the site, it was sent to specialists for analysis where it was identified to be a four of five-year-old child’s upper right milk tooth.

Work is continuing at Vanguard and Gorham’s Cave until mid-August but, given the importance of the find, the focus will be on Vanguard Cave in the hope that more discoveries will be made.

Gotham’s Cave Complex was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2016.

The excavations on the site are the responsibility of the Gibraltar Museum, which is supported by the government.