KING: During his speech
KING: During his speech

GIBRALTARIANS are furious after King Felipe mentioned sovereignty over the Rock in his UK address. 

In what many see as a snub to the Government of Gibraltar, he said he wanted a ‘dialogue’ between Madrid and London, and that the Rock’s future would be decided by two governments – the UK’s and Spain’s.

He said: “I am certain this resolve to overcome our differences will be even greater in the case of Gibraltar and I am confident that through the necessary dialogue and effort our two Governments will be able to work towards arrangements that are acceptable to all involved.”

In response, Chief Minister Picardo accused Spain of ignoring Gibraltar’s voice, and that it should be the most important during talks about its own future.

Meanwhile, leader of the opposition Roy Clinton agreed with Picardo, saying: “Gibraltar is not a bilateral issue to be resolved between two Governments without reference to the Government or people of Gibraltar. On this both the Government and Opposition are united.”

It comes after Tory MPs had threatened to walk out if the topic was raised.

Although they did not carry out the threat, they respond angrily to the comments.

Tory MP Andrew Rosindell said: “It is inappropriate for a visiting Head of State to talk about ‘arrangements’ over British territory. It’s none of his business.”