LACKING: Los Barrios
LACKING: Los Barrios

PP politicians in Cadiz have slammed the Junta over the poor health facilities in Los Barrios.

A spokesperson, Ana Mestre, expressed her outrage at the fact the town’s 24,000 residents have to travel to Algeciras for an x-ray.

She accused the Junta of failing to implement sufficient health facilities.

“Los Barrios suffers from lack of medical specialties, large waiting lists, lack of health resources and, therefore, a global health incapacity that comes to emphasize that the Junta de Andalucia has been incapable of putting together a comprehensive health care system according to the specific needs of the people of Los Barrios,” she said.

She demanded that a portion of the €836 million the Government has allocated to Andalucia goes to Los Barrios and the Campo de Gibraltar.