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MORRISONS Gibraltar has doubled the price of its plastic bags.

To reflect the Government’s new budget measures they will sell them for 10p, up from 5p.

The budget price change aims to reduce the amount of plastic bags consumers use in order to decrease environmental impact.

Eroski supermarket, on the other hand, has no immediate plans to increase its prices. It is currently exploring other ways to reduce plastic bag consumption.

Lewis Stagnetto, a Marine Biologist and spokesperson for the Nautilus Project, which is campaigning to ban plastic bags, said: “We support the introduction of a 10p importation tax (per bag) on one-time use plastic bags and feel it is a welcomed first step in reducing their use and subsequently their impact on the marine environment.“

He said that the tax on the bags reduces the difference between ‘more sustainable alternatives’ which include paper bags, and that this may encourage businesses to switch.

“It is important that Gibraltar continues to show a strong commitment towards environmental matters and that the community rallies behind implementing these important changes. In time, we will all benefit from this action,” continued Stagnetto.