NOT STANDING: Montegriffo
NOT STANDING: Montegriffo

FORMER leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats has announced he will not put his name forward for leadership.

Peter Montegriffo, who was leader of the opposition party until 1991, said in an open letter to interim leader Roy Clinton that he remains ‘passionately involved in playing a part in helping Gibraltar’s continuing success’.

However he continued that there are likely to be other strong candidates, Clinton included, who would make successful leaders.

It comes after a poll created by the GBS named him as the most popular choice for leadership.

“I will support whoever emerges as the party’s choice”, said Montegriffo.

“I am very grateful for the friendship and support of those, especially GSD members, who have encouraged me to consider taking a step back into front-line politics.”

He continued by highlighting the importance of the opposition’s role throughout Brexit negotiations.

“I know you share a total commitment to our community’s long term well-being and I wish you and your colleagues every good fortune in the time ahead,” he concluded.