PROPOSAL: For new car park
PROPOSAL: For new car park

THE Heritage Trust has slammed the government for plans to build a car park over a historic burial ground.

The trust has expressed its shock over the announcement to build at Grand Parade, which was proposed for listing under the Heritage Act, after it claims the plans ‘has not been alluded to in any manifesto or more importantly in the recently (March 2017) launched Sustainable Transport and Traffic Plan.’

“Neither has there been any consultation of the Trust as a Statutory Consultee to the DPC prior to the announcement of the scheme,” said a spokesperson for the trust.

While the trust recognises the need for more parking in this area and is not opposed to the provision of more, it has questioned why the proposed car park is not underground, and has criticised the government’s lack of wide-scale consultation.

It accused the government of ‘devaluing the planning system and processes it has worked so hard to bring to the public attention and the input of the professionals, NGOs and community members who work to improve standards and feed into the system on a daily basis,’ and has urged the government to suspend the further progression of plans and to look for ‘other options’.

The Grand Parade site has been used as a parade ground and military site. It is also in close proximity to the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens.