FED UP: Janine with son Jay Z and daughter Tiana
FED UP: Janine with son Jay Z and daughter Tiana

FAILURES by the housing ministry has left a toddler so ill he may need surgery, his mother has claimed.

Mother-of-two Janine Suetta says efforts to remove damp from her home only made matters worse, and made her three-year-old son Jay-Z increasingly ill.

It comes after the 27-year-old’s home on Laguna Estate was severely flooded in October.

Despite pleading to housing for several months, it was only following an Olive Press story in May that workmen arrived at the property to repair the damage.

“It’s embarrassing and frustrating that it took so long,” Suetta told the Olive Press, “and that my kids have had to live in a mould and damp-filled flat all this time.”

She is now demanding to know why she, her son and daughter Tiana, 5, were not rehoused during the works.

“Even the workers couldn’t believe we were living here while the works were being carried out,” she claimed, “There were strong fumes and broken glass in my bathroom which cut my son’s leg.”

According to the single mother, inspectors came to measure the levels of damp and humidity after the work had been completed last week.

She claims in some places the readings were higher than they were before the work started.

“My kids lie awake at night coughing and having trouble breathing. Sometimes I just feel like taking some blankets and sleeping on a park bench with them, because anything would be better than where they are living now.”

She also claimed workmen left a light fixture ripped out of the ceiling, and an exposed plug hole with cables hanging out, and that two monkeys have since come into her home due to a broken window.  

She has now received three letters from doctors confirming that the damp in the house was causing harm to her children’s health.

They have been on and off antibiotics for several infections including tonsillitis and bronchitis, causing them to miss school for extended periods of time, and now her son will have to return on August 23 to see if he has to have an operation on his glands.

“It’s not fair that my children are missing out of their education because of this. I’m really worried for their health and mental wellbeing.”

The Olive Press failed to get a response from the government before going to print.