STUDENT LOANS: Hassan Nahon wants answers over 'staggering' debt

MARLENE Hassan Nahon has called for an investigation into Calpe House Trust.

It comes after a ‘growing list of discrepancies’ and the adoption of a new legal structure from the Trust.

“I echo the sentiments of members of the public who have expressed misgivings about the motivations behind this move,” she stated.

“I therefore reiterate that, in the interest of transparency and respect towards the many members of our community who give so generously to this very worthy cause, Gibraltar Government get an external UK auditor to fully investigate all the circumstances and costs surrounding the purchase of the new Calpe House.”

She has questioned the true cost of the Norfolk Square refurbishment, including professional fees and commissions paid.
She has also called for an explanation as to why the government made two planning applications for the refurbishment, with the second one omitting a clause stating that the building was only to be used by Calpe House and its service users.

Calpe house provides accommodation for sick Gibraltarians in London while they are undergoing treatment.