Bishop of GibraltarTHE Rock’s Roman Catholic Bishop has described the morning after pill as morally wrong.

Carmelo Zammit’s comments came after the GHA announced that the pill will be made available over the counters at pharmacies in Gibraltar, where previously it had only been issued with a prescription.

The Bishop added that the Church teaches that human life begins from the moment of fertilization, and so the drug interferes with human life.

He claims the pill chemically induces abortion, a procedure that the Catholic church strongly opposes.

Equality Rights Group chairman Felix Alvarez acknowledged the bishop’s right to an opinion, but asserted that ‘women today rightly demand authority over their lives without redundant intercession.’

“The right to choose goes both ways – yes or no. But on the basis of a woman’s own authority, and no one else’s.”

“In today’s world, the Church’s long-standing claim to entitlement doesn’t wash. It has been stained by too much scandal to retain that hold,” he told the Olive Press.