LAWRENCE Llamas is accusing the government of ‘misleading’ Gibraltar over the non-renewal of Justice Jack’s Supreme Court contract.

'PERVERSE': Llamas says No.6 'hiding' behind JSC over Jack decision
‘PERVERSE’: Llamas says No.6 ‘hiding’ behind JSC over Jack decision

As the Rock’s judicial crisis deepened, the former opposition MP Lawrence Llamas said it was ‘worrying’ this year’s ‘inaccurate’ Budget hadn’t mentioned Justice Jack’s three-year contract being axed.

Today’s unprecedented statement from Chief Justice Anthony Dudley ‘fuels my concerns’, said Llamas, accusing No.6 of ‘hiding behind the Judicial Service Commission [JSC]’ over the decision to not renew Jack’s contract.

“The Government stated this week they were unable to comment on the JSC’s decision to not reappoint Mr Adrian Jack,” Llamas added.

“It is clear.. the JSC have not been involved in [Jacks reappointment] for the simple reason there is no vacancy.”

Yesterday, a government spokesperson said it was ‘unable to comment’ on ‘assurances’ Justice Jack said he was given over his contract ‘as the JSC is entirely independent of Government’.

The Chief Justice’s public statement on Wednesday, his first outside court in ten years, said, ‘had HMGOG decided to continue to fund the third post of puisne judge it would then have been for the JSC to consider whether to extend Mr Jack’s appointment’.

He went on to say he would now ‘seek to persuade’ the government to hire a new judge follow Justice Jack’s exit.

Earlier this week, Justice Jack told GBC he found it a ‘surprise omission’ that Justice Minister Neil Costa hadn’t mentioned in his June Budget speech that Jack was informed six days previously – in a letter from the government’s Chief Secretary – that his contract wasn’t being renewed.

“The Government have a duty to explain why they never mentioned the fact that…. the Budget was inaccurate,” said Llamas.

“Together with why they have misled the community in the decision to not renew Mr Jack’s contract and perversely attempted to hide behind the JSC.”