CLEAR UP: Furniture in Glacis Estate

THE housing department is taking ‘robust’ measures to ensure government accommodation is safer. 

Officials are clearing out clutter from communal areas to create easier access in case of emergencies.

So far, work has been completed in Constitution House and Referendum House in Glacis Estate.

The Housing Department will work with the Housing Works Agency and the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service to continue the work in other estates imminently.

Inspections of the blocks have revealed an array of objects in communal areas which impede access, including furniture, gates and ‘illegal structures’.

This is in spite housing tenancies prohibiting items from being placed in common areas.

The government is now warning tenants that any illegal material found in the common areas will be removed without further notice.

Minister for Housing Samantha Sacramento said: “We cannot underestimate the danger that this can pose to life in the event of an emergency such as a fire or even paramedics having to transport someone requiring urgent medical attention in a stretcher.

“This is wholly unacceptable and as a Government, we will not be party to such an unnecessary risk to life in the event of an emergency,” she added.

It comes after a recent fire safety review of public housing in light of the June Grenfell Tower in London, in which around 80 people lost their lives when a fire tore through the North Kensington tower block.