TRANSFORMED: Davina and Alfred

A PAIR of Gibraltar slimmers are to battle it out to enter the International Slimmer of the Year finals.

Alfred Traverso and Davina Tante have lost an incredible 50kgs in under a year to get into the regional finals of the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) competition.

The pair will come head to head in the Gibraltar final of the competition on September 7, with the winner joining slimmers from more than 30 countries at the grand final in Telford, in November.

After developing gestational diabetes Davina knew she had to lose weight in order to stay healthy and minimise her chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

She lost 24 kg in just eight months thanks to the CWP programme and is down from 96 kg to just 72kgs and shows no signs of developing diabetes.

Alfred has always liked food and at his maximum weight tipped the scales at over 130 kg when he underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Although he initially lost weight, he sadly regained much of what he had lost, leading to a CWP programme, which has seen him lose 31kg in nine months.

CWP has over 30 years’ experience in more than 30 countries worldwide, in helping people lose weight and maintain weight loss.

CWP is a scientifically proven five-step programme which combines nutritionally balanced meal replacements and conventional food under the supervision of a trained CWP consultant.