A TALENTED local chef has returned to the small screen for the latest series of his cookery show.

Justin Bautista’s third season of Mama Lotties returned to TV on August 22.

“We’ve changed location, now using a Neptune’s by Sacarello Kitchen, and we’ve also chosen to share recipes from other cultures and trends this year instead of sticking to traditions, said the 27-year-old chef.

“Each guest is unique and I’ve brought in guests with different backgrounds, some foodies themselves with their own blogs or Instagram followings.

“It’s interesting to see how the younger cooks adapt tradition to current trends and their own diets.”

He told the Olive Press he will also be experimenting with some gluten free and veggie and vegan-friendly recipes.

“I’m excited about it, I think it’ll be something different and hopefully show food doesn’t have to be complicated.”

To coincide with the series, his third book, 100 everyday recipes, will be released in October.

He promises it is his biggest one yet.

Mama Lotties Everyday Kitchen airs on GBC Tuesdays at 9.30pm.