A THIRD of all Atlantic bluefin tuna caught in Gibraltar waters since June has been caught by three local fishermen.

Government data shows three sport fishermen have caught 4.3 tonnes of tuna between them this season, which runs from June – October.

They, along with seven other anglers have so far landed 9.3 tonnes of Bluefin tuna, or 70% of the total 13.3 catch to date.

According to government data, 955 licences have been issued to anglers to fish for Bluefin tuna, however only 47 anglers have registered their catches with officials.

Earlier in the season the government imposed a temporary fishing ban after more than nine out of the 13-tonne limit was caught in just four weeks.

The government then increased the limit to 15.5 tonnes in line with the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, which has increased its quota by 20%.