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THE Gibraltar Netball Association has been reassured they will still be able to hold international games on the Rock.

Sports minister Steven Linares met with members of the committee last week to assure them that they will be able to continue to apply for and potentially host more International competitions.

A Gibraltar Netball Association representative expressed his relief at the outcome: “Following a very positive meeting with the Minister for Sport we are now happy with the reassurances given that the GNA’s international standing will not be jeopardized and will in fact be enhanced by the time the project is completed.

It comes after the association launched what the government described as a ‘negative campaign in the press and on social media alleging that it had not been consulted for the new Europa Sports Centre.

“The GNA will enjoy the full use of Gibraltar’s exciting new facilities at Europa. These facilities will provide additional court time, both for local teams and for visiting teams,” said a spokesperson for the government.

He spoke of the government’s pledge to facilitate the association’s ability to take part in international games: “Netball is an extremely successful sport and it has committed itself to ensuring that the GNA will have all the facilities and resources it needs in order to host high calibre international netball fixtures in Gibraltar.”