CALPE HOUSE: Artists impression of new building after refurbishment

CALPE House has hit back at Marlene Hassan Nahon for ‘scaremongering’ accusations.

A spokesperson explained that the independent MP had never formally directed any questions at the trust, and said that had she done so, representatives would have ‘willingly have provided her with the information required’, despite not being legally obligated to.

“We were appalled that Mrs Hassan Nahon should make statements in the media politicising the Calpe House Charity and calling for a public investigation based on nothing more than inarticulate grounds, misinformation, innuendo and scaremongering,” they continued.

It comes after what the MP described as a ‘growing list of discrepancies’ in relation to the trust.

She also questioned the reasons behind moving premises to 19-23 Norfolk Square, to which the trust responded that it was ‘blindingly obvious’ in that the existing building had become too small and inadequate for the charity’s needs. In addition, the property is ‘well-located’ thanks to its close proximity to St Mary’s Hospital.

The trust has revealed that the property was purchased for £8.4 million, and the fee paid to the management agent was 2% of the purchase price of which the management agent donated 0.5% to the appeal fund as a gesture of goodwill.