PERFORMING: With instruments made from rubbish

A SPANISH musician is making instruments out of recycled rubbish.

Pablo Gallardo, 38, has been fashioning toilet lids, old pans and vacuum cleaners into guitars, banjos and bandurrias, a Spanish lute.

The Cadiz native is now giving classes to children to show them how to make the instruments.

“What I am searching for is that each child is inspired to make the instrument he wants and that we create an ecological child’s orchestra in Cadiz,” he said.
Gallardo became inspired to build the guitars after smashing his own with a hammer ‘to see what was inside’.

“You would think it is a simple instrument, but inside it’s a world,” he said.
Some of Gallardi’s instruments have already been played at Cadiz’s carnival, which runs every February.

An electric guitar made out of a wooden pallet and a trumpet made from PVC pipes are among the instruments played at the carnival. 

“This is something I do to show how important it is to recycle and to respect the environment. I don’t like to throw anything away.”