THE Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association (GABBA) organised the first ever basketball tournament last week.

The tournament used a 3×3 setup, involving friends and family of all ages from u12 to a senior team. Both old and new played through the morning and afternoon with finals being held at 8pm.

Taking place in Casemates Square the event proved popular with tourists and locals enjoying their morning brew.

Team names included: ‘Cereal Killers, Death at the Net, 4 Old Men, Choco Plancha, and Briefcase Vinyl Select.’

It also proved to be the perfect excuse to try out their new portable £20,000 FIBA approved basketball court sent from Germany.

GABBA Men’s Technical Director Adam Cassaglia said: “It was great to give it a test, because 3×3 basketball tends to be played in a city centre.

“We want to do this as a yearly thing on the 16 and 17th of September and would like to do this at the start of the summer.

“Maybe get some teams from outside to come down and compete. Make it an actual European tournament.”