THOUSANDS of demonstrators took to the streets in Manchester on Sunday to protest against Brexit on the first day of the Tory party conference. 

A flotilla saying ‘Brexit is a Monstrosity’ with the combined heads of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and David Davis made its way through the central streets of Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police drafted in 1,000 extra officers as part of a £2m operation to manage the 30,000 protestors.

On a makeshift stage in Piccadilly Gardens Wilson said: “There are more than half a million Britons who live in Spain and we are in a situation of total uncertainty.

“The Government said that we would be their priority and they did not even want to listen to us. We are European citizens and we want to remain so.”

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable addressed the divisions in the cabinet saying: “They are fundamentally divided, disunited, disorganised – and this is the government that is supposed to be negotiating for Britain.

“It is a mess and, unfortunately, the negotiations are going to lead to a mess.”