THE Nautilus Project is launching another environmentally friendly initiative in Gibraltar after the continued success of their #plastic2paper campaign.

Their new project #PawsOffStraws aims to raise awareness on the Rock of the detrimental environmental impact that plastic straws are having on our marine ecosystems.  

The group is hoping to persuade as many organisations as possible to substitute their use of plastic straws for paper or metal ones.

The Nautilus Project hopes that the new campaign will attract big corporate backers like Morrisons who supported their #plastic2paper project.

Lewis Stagnetto, the marine biologist and spokesperson for the Nautilus project was very excited about the improvements the campaign could bring to the environment in Gibraltar.

“We spent the Summer conducting extensive research on our beaches to understand what the most pressing issues here were,” he said.

“We understood that along with plastic bags straws were the big one.

“People were buying drinks and heading down to the beach, especially over the summer and throwing their straws away.”

The Nautilus Project is a family run NGO in Gibraltar which believes that small sustainable changes to the environment on the Rock can make big differences in the long run.