SHOCKING: Tobacco smuggler attempts to RUN OVER policeman in La Linea to avoid arrest

There have been several high profile contraband tobacco busts in La Linea this year.


A TOBACCO smuggler in La Linea has been arrested after he tried to RUN OVER a policeman and RAMMED a police vehicle off the road.

A 22-year-old man was spotted acting suspiciously by police patrols on San Fernando Street.

On asking for his identification the man then accelerated in an attempt to run over the policeman.

The officer was forced to throw himself aside in order to save his own life.

The suspect then sped off ignoring signals from the police to stop.

When the young man was finally cornered by the police he then proceeded to RAM one of the police vehicles, smashing it off the road.

This wrote off the police car and could have endangered the lives of the policemen inside.

Thankfully – they weren’t seriously injured.

The suspect attempted to flee on foot but he was captured by the police after a chase.

Contraband tobacco was discovered in his vehicle and he has been charged with tobacco smuggling, assaulting a police officer and crimes against road safety.