GIBRALTAR Rugby Football Union (GRFC) feel confident that last week’s win against Hungary will put them in good stead to be an international club.

It was the first time Gibraltar played Hungary and extended their lead after halftime to win 21-15.

The win comes after four players went to A&E following the Royal Marine fixture where the Marines came back to draw 21-21.

The win is another string to their bow as GRFC is trying to be admitted into Rugby Europe to play against other smaller developing teams.

Gibraltar Rugby spokesperson Jack Milner said: “A few more international wins and it will be hard for the IRB to keep Gibraltar backed into a corner.

“Whenever we’ve applied for international status the voting has been 14-1. One country always vetoed Gibraltar. It doesn’t take Stevie Wonder to realise who’s been vetoing it.”

Milner thinks it is a well-known country across the border that seems to keep rejecting their push for international recognition as there needs to be a unanimous vote to accept a new team.

GRFC completely battered Finland and Montenegro in their last two internationals, slowly raising their profile to the delight of fans back on the Rock.

Milner added: “Fingers crossed Gibraltar will be recognised at international level hopefully by this time next year we just need a clean sheet of votes.”

GRFC will Host Hungary for a rematch in February.