THE hottest ever curry sold in supermarkets is now available in Gibraltar’s Morrisons.

Aptly named the Volcanic Vindaloo, it contains the sweat-inducing Naga chilli, one of the world’s spiciest.

Some varieties of the sweltering Naga chilli have been found to be hotter even than pepper spray!

The curry was created in honour of National Curry Week in the United Kingdom.

Morrisons were delighted to bring something different to the table for bored consumers.

“The Volcanic Vindaloo is aimed at extreme curry lovers who find the spice levels in existing ready meals too tame.

“Morrisons is the first supermarket to take up the challenge and create a ready meal curry that has the fiery heat of a restaurant-bought Chicken Vindaloo,” a spokesperson said.

Those more comfortable with a Korma however should not feel left out of the craze – Morrisons have encouraged those who do try the curry to upload their reaction under the #volcanicvindaloo hashtag on Twitter for all to enjoy.

The Volcanic Vindaloo is available for a mere £3.25 – if you think you can handle it!