MASTER of disguise Acklom, 44, fled his Spanish home last year after allegedly conning a British woman out of her life savings of €953,000 (£850,000).

His Spanish wife, Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, 47, is believed to
have left with him, taking their children aged six and eight.

Last October, an Olive Press investigation traced Acklom and Rodriguez to Murcia where the couple ran a property selling company.

A source told the Olive Press they believed the girls could be in a boarding school in Switzerland and said a lot of arguments were heard from the Acklom’s home in La Manga Club.

“Mark thinks Switzerland is out of the Schengen space so police can’t catch him there,” the source said.

“The newspapers are wrong, the kids can’t speak English at all. They couldn’t write Spanish either because of all the moving. Mark always used to speak to them in Spanish.”

But authorities think Acklom and his family could still be in Spain.

“We believe Acklom and his wife are in the company of their two daughters, girls aged eight and six,” said Detective Inspector Adam Bunting, of Avon and Somerset Police.

“We believe they will be enrolled at an international, fee-paying school on the continent.”

Authorities believe Acklom could still be in Spain.

The two girls had attended the El Limonar private school in the village of El Palmar.

“They’ve been uprooted away from their family, away from their friends, away from their school overnight. They didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to their friends,” continued DI Bunting.

“As they are living on the run with their father, who is a wanted fugitive, we have significant concerns for their wellbeing.”

Acklom, who has gone by the name Marc Ros Rodriguez, was photographed in Geneva in May with Spanish scammer Jose Manuel Costas Estevez.

The British conman had been jailed three times in Spain.