THE new Hospital de la Línea de la Concepción continues to go from strength to strength with six vital areas of practice opening this week.

Nephrology, Endocrine, Cardiology and specialist surgical departments have opened, as well as nursing for Diabetes and Ostomy operations.

The areas of practice are expected to add 11 consultative rooms to the 20 already in operation.

A new bus service will also run three times a day, Monday to Friday, from San Pablo to La Linea and twice from La Linea to San Pablo.

It is expected that the routes will lead to a 40% increase in passengers travelling from towns in the interior, such as Jimena and Castellar, to the new hospital.

“With this types of action efforts are clearly being made to continue to improve the bus service in the region,” said Federico Fernandez, the delegate of the Development and Housing Board in Cadiz.

“In addition to promoting sustainable travel, it ensures that a key health centre such as the Hospital de La Linea has great connection links to the population of the surrounding area.”

The good news follows the opening of Neurology, Ophthalmology, nutritional, infectious disease, gastrointestinal and Dementia departments earlier this month.

The facility first opened its doors on September 29 with a rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit and it is hoped it will be at full operating capacity in the new year, catering to 100,000 Campo residents.