THRILL-SEEKERS take note; a new skywalk has been completed in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

The attraction sits on the site of the former Bofors gun platform in one of the Rock’s highest points.

It is one of several new developments planned, including upgrades for the nearby Douglas Path and O’Hara Battery.

Martein Platenkamp, the project manager at construction firm Boavis Koala JV, believes what when the new walkway opens it will allow visitors to experience Gibraltar like never before.  

“The beautifully designed walkway will allow Gibraltarians and visitors from all over the world to enjoy the incredible views of Gibraltar even more,” he told the Olive Press.

“The walkway gives the additional thrill of jaw-dropping vertical views through the glazed flooring at the steeply dropping terrain below.”

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The new skywalk consists of two different levels; the first is a glass walkway which is accessible by a lift and the second is an upper level viewing platform which has been constructed on top of the existing Bofors platform.


“Due to having several occupants o

f different nations and so many fortifications, there are a vast amount of unique buildings and structures throughout Gibraltar with great historic value,” said Platenkamp.

“It is our duty to give such a rich history the merit it deserves and by embracing the heritage value whilst carrying out projects we can maintain the history for centuries to come.”

The renovation comes amid news of exciting affordable housing developments in Europort Avenue, Waterport and Eastside.